Dave Eggers book redesign

This project was for my Typography 2 class under the direction of Alex Budnitz.

The prompt was to create a series with 3 items, and to iterate on those items in 3 distinct directions. I chose to take 3 books by Dave Eggers, the Circle, Zeitoun, and What is the What.

I decided to make book covers for this project. I wanted to include illustrations, and we were also encouraged to “go crazy” with typography.

series 1 - typography

For this direction, I chose to challenge myself and use all typography. a few major themes in the Eggers’ books are transparency and societal critiques, so I chose to illuminate these ideas through a black background and an outline around bold white type.

series 2 - symbolism

For this direction, I chose to use primary colors and circular forms to represent different relationships throughout the book.

I decided to play with opacity while maintaining the primary color scheme to keep a continuity throughout all 3 of my series.


series 3 - illustration

For my final series, I decided to incorporate hand-drawn illustrations.

I chose important turning points in each of the stories and combined a thin line drawing with a block of color that wraps around the entire cover.